How to setup Notify for OsmAnd app on your Zepp smartwach

Works only for Android phones

1) Download and install the add-on Notify for Smartwatches app
2) Grant notification access permission

3) Ensure the Notify app is running on background, otherwise you won't be able to receive OsmAnd notifications
4) Open the Zepp official app, go on the apps Store and install the Notify for OsmAnd app on your Zepp smartwatch
5) Done!
Get OsmAnd directions notificaitons on your Zepp smartwatch

Only OsmAnd app supported! Other navigation apps will not work.


1) When addon app Notify for Smartwatches is not running or configured correctly you will get this message. Ensure you have no firewall or other configuration may block local connections between Zepp and Notify for Smartwatches app. Please reinstall and configure the app as showed above

2) When there is no OsmAnd app running on phone you will get a message like this on your smartwatch. If OsmAnd app is running on phone, please check the notification access permission as showed above

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